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About Us

Sing 'n Learn was established by Fred and Sarah Cooper in 1991 to provide teachers and parents with a source for products which use the medium of music to teach. Our two sons, Andy and Daniel, were 10 and 8 at the time. Sarah, who has a degree in Music Education, enjoyed using materials she found in various places which used music to help the boys memorize facts, i.e. geography, presidents, books of the Bible, Bible verses, etc. We started writing songs to put Scripture to music so that we could learn long passages, sometimes entire chapters, word-for-word. Learning this way was enjoyable and almost without effort. People began to ask us where we found all of these materials, and we would give out the publisher's phone numbers. After years of doing this, we decided to start a part-time business that would make all of these wonderful materials available from one source. We continue to add new products as they come to our attention. Many times these products would be difficult for an individual to find since there might be a single title from one author/composer.

In addition to the musical sets, we sell other auditory products such as story CDs, audio books, and radio theater. Our children always enjoyed listening in the car every time we went anywhere, and they were learning during time that could have been wasted in the car.

Over the course of our 15 years of homeschooling, we found some curriculum materials which were valuable to us that didn't have any relationship to music, but customers would ask us what we used for particular subjects. Since we knew the products well and recommended them all the time, we decided to carry Spelling Power, Easy Grammar, and others. Our sons are both are both out of college, married and have children of their own. We have seen the wonderful benefits of the time we spent with them during the years we taught them at home. We have observed that listening to the tapes made them better listeners, and they continue to use information they can still recall which was learned from songs when they were young. Now, we have the pleasure of seeing our four young grandchildren learning the same way our sons learned. They have already learning valuable information set to music. The oldest one just turned 4, and he is starting Sing, Spell, Read and Write this week! They are all learning Scripture songs and all kinds of other helpful information -- to music! And when they sing in, they don't forget it!

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