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Grammar Songs Kit

Grammar Songs Kit

Grammar Songs Kit
Kathy Troxel, Audio Memory

CD/book set

Grammar is one of those things that is very necessary, but boring and uninteresting to learn.

The Grammar Songs Kit teaches all the parts of speech (except conjunctions) and rules of punctuation and 72 Greek and Latin roots for building vocabulary. It is appropriate for grades 3 - 8 or for anyone who needs help with grammar.

It includes a 72-page workbook with song lyrics, illustrations, drills and writing exercises; a Teachers Guide and a long-playing sound track with 16 songs.

The 16 songs cover the following:

Verb Song 1 Click to Hear Sample
This is the first of 4 verses of the "Verb Song."
"Im running, jumping, singing - thats because I am a verb.
Im hopping, dancing, ringing -
thats because I am a verb.
Im coming, going, hitting, throwing -
humming, rowing, sitting, blowing, riding, hiding,
gliding, sliding - because Im a verb.
Im a verb, verb, verb-
Im an action word.
So put me where the action is
cause Im an action word."

Other verses tell about helping verbs, linking verbs and verbs that show no action (like thinking, feeling, hoping, dreaming, etc.)

After the students learn this song, they look at 16 pictures and identify verbs in each picture. They do the written exercises for verbs.

Verb Song 2 (these are exactly the same words as Verb Song 1, but to a different type of music)

Nouns Song Click to Hear Sample
This is the first of 4 verses of the "Noun Song."
"A person, a place or thing is a noun.
My name is a noun. Fame is a noun.
Everything I can be is a noun.
Everything I see is a noun.
Nouns can be ideas like freedom
and kindness, justice, equality,
sympathy and greatness."

Then they do the written exercises for nouns. After they learn the next song, the "Sentence Song," they write a sentence for each of 16 pictures using a noun and a verb. As they learn the other parts of speech, they make longer sentences. They add adjectives, adverbs, prepositional phrases and direct objects, etc.

Sentence Song
Pronouns Song
Compound Personal Pronoun Drill

Adjective Song Click to Hear Sample
The first verse of the adjective song:
"Words that modify nouns and pronouns
Telling which one and what kind it is
or telling how many--these are adjectives."

Adverb Song
Apostrophe Song

Preposition Song Click to Hear Sample
This is the first verse.
"A preposition always introduces a phrase.
A noun or pronoun always comes at the end of that phrase.
Some prepositions are: above, at, up
and down, through
underneath, until, against, off, on and onto

Direct Object Song
Capitalization Song

Plurals Song Click to Hear Sample
Last 3 verses of 8 verses of the "Plural Song."

"To form a plural when a word ends in o,
when theres a consonant before the o, you
add an es, like changing hero to heroes,
potato to potatoes and tomato - tomatoes.

When you have words that end in ch or x, z,
sh, or s, then you add es - like box into boxes
and fox into foxes, rich to riches, miss to
misses, kiss to kisses.

There are some words that end in f or fe.
The plural of the words changes these v- like leaf into leaves, knife into knives, wolf to wolves,
self to selves and life to lives."

Irregular verb Drill
Comma Song
Quotation Mark Song

Greek & Latin Prefix & Suffix Song
This is the first of six verses.
Click to Hear Sample
"mis - wrong
astron- star
against - ob
remain - sed
crat - rule
without - an
onym - name
capit - head
com - together
con - together
col - together
meter - measure
Lets call the whole thing off!"

Years ago, when our sons were in the 1st grade and 3rd grade, I homeschooled another boy who was in 5th grade. (All the boys are in their 20s now.) Several years ago, this young man just wrote me a letter out of the clear blue, completely unsolicited, about a college English class he was taking. Its something I will always treasure. I would love to share it with you because it drives home the point that if you make learning fun, they will remember it longer. The year he homeschooled with us, we used Easy Grammar AND Grammar Songs.

“Dear Mrs. Cooper, Thank you for teaching me grammar. I am back in college working on a degree in industrial engineering (robotics). Before I get to the technical courses, I must complete English Composition, among other basic classes. Our teacher also teaches grammar, and so emphasized it in our class, insisting that grammar is absolutely essential in order to write compositions. (I agree, of course.) To my amazement, the whole of the grammar he’s teaching us, which is challenging and confusing to many of the other students in my class, was taught to me by you in the fifth grade, and I remember it all! Prepositions, prepositional phrases, direct objects, indirect objects, subjects, predicates (verbs: main, helping, linking), predicate nominatives, predicate adjectives, adjectives, adverbs, nouns, independent (main) and dependent (subordinate) clauses (and the comma rule), articles, phrases, etc. are all being taught in college! The teacher often expresses his disappointment in the public educational system, and reminds us that “this is college now” and “you should have learned this in high school.” Thanks to my experience in your class, this course is an easy A. Sincerely, AL

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