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Geography Songs, Troxel

Geography Songs, Troxel

Geography Songs
Audio Memory songs by Kathy Troxel

Do you know the name of every country on every continent in the world? This kit has a song for every continent. This is just as valuable for Mom and Dad it is for the kids. You’ll also learn the continents, oceans and planets.

The newly updated Geography Songs Kit includes
33 songs
a workbook with maps
illustrations and tests
and a 25" x 36" world map

The 33 songs teach the names and locations of the continents, oceans planets and 225 countries. It includes famous landmarks and maps to label and color. Fun for all ages. The maps are numbered in the same order that they are sung in the songs. This makes it easy to locate the countries while you are singing. Some songs are about just one country, others are about a whole continent.

Song list:

British Isles
Click to Hear Sample

Western Europe
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Former USSR
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Southern Europe
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Eastern Europe

Middle East
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Equatorial Africa
Northern Africa
East Africa
Northern Central Africa
Horn of Africa
West Africa
Southern Africa
South Asia
Southeast Asia
(for those who have asked: The Southeast Asia Song was updated in 2004. Myanmar and Cambodia are in parentheses next to Burma and Kampuchea because those are their other names. East Timor was also added because it won independence from Indonesia in 2002. The last 2 editions of the book include those changes.)
New Zealand
South America,
Central America
West Indies
US Southern Border
Northern Border,
Eastern Border
Middle States
Pacific States
Continents & Oceans
and Solar System.

Click to Hear Sample

A family favorite!!
Grade Level: K-Adult

Customer Comment:
My daughter (just turned seven) knows The British Isles, Russia (former USSR) Eastern Europe and Western Europe, and we’ve been doing Geography Songs for about 3 weeks. She loves it and so do I. It is wonderful to have music that reflects the culture of the area they are learning. I especially love the Russian flavor in the song about Russia and surrounding countries. My two (yes, 2!) year old knows the names of the continents and asks for the British Isles song. "We sing Bitish Isles pease?" You’ll have to imagine the cute 2 year old voice. L.M.

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