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States & Capitals Kit from Audio Memory

States & Capitals Kit from Audio Memory

States & Capitals Kit
Audio Memory songs by Kathy Troxel

This is a great way to learn U.S. geography! You have probably heard songs that list the states alphabetically or randomly in a rhyming pattern. These songs teach not only the names of the states and the capitals, but where they fit on the map.

There are separate songs for The Eastern Border, The Southern Border, The Northern Border and the ones in the Middle of the United States. It comes with a CD and a large U.S. map to label and color.

Age level: Kindergarten through adult.
CD and Map, $12.95.

States & Capitals DVD
is an animated color video which helps students learn the names & locations of the 50 states and their capitals in geographical over. These are the same songs used in the CD verion.
DVD, $14.95
(The map does NOT come with the DVD. The map is shown ON the DVD.)

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