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Wee Sing Around The World

Wee Sing Around The World

Wee Sing Around the World
A Great Way to Learn about the World

This CD has 42 songs from 41 different countries sung in the native languages and in English. You’ll learn international facts about people, places and different cultures. Nothing gives a better feel for a culture than its music. This is the perfect companion to our Geography Songs or to any other geography program you might be using.

Song Titles: Hello to All the Children of the World; CANADA: Going Over the Sea; UNITED STATES: Uhe Basho Sho (The Crooked Path) (Native American), Eentsy Weentsy Spider, Nani Wale Na Hala (Pretty Hala Trees) (Hawaii); MEXICO: Pin Pon (Paper Doll); WEST INDIES: Tingalayo (Donkey Song); PUERTO RICO: El Coqui (The Frog); JAMAICA: Chi Chi Bud (Chi Chi Bird); GUYANA: Brown Girl in the Ring; BRAZIL: Ciranda (Circle Game); ARGENTINA: Mi Chacra (My Farm); PERU: Los Pollitos (Little Chicks); NORWAY: Ro, Ro Til Fiskeskjaer (Row, Row to the Fishing Spot); SWEDEN: Sma Grodorna (Little Frogs); DENMARK: En Enebaer Busk (The Mulberry Bush); FINLAND: Piiri Pieni Pyorii (The Circle Goes Around); IRELAND: Wee Falorie Man; SCOTLAND: Coulters Candy; ENGLAND: Lavenders Blue; THE NETHERLANDS: Alle Eendjes (All the Ducklings); FRANCE: Frere Jacques (Brother John); SWITZERLAND: Weggis Zue (Swiss Hiking Song); GERMANY: Alle Meine Entchen (All My Little Ducklings); ITALY: Mio Galletto (My Little Rooster); SPAIN: Mi Burro (My Burro); GREECE: Poun-do To Dachtilidi (Where Is the Ring?); YUGOSLAVIA: Ringe, Ringe Raja (Ring Around Raja) UKRAINE: Veselee Husi (Jolly, Happy Ganders); GHANA: Tue Tue (Clapping Game); NIGERIA: Akwa Nwa Nere Nnwa (The Little Nanny Story); ZAIRE: Bebe Moke (Baby So Small); KENYA: Kanyoni Kanja (Little Bird Outside); TURKEY: Ali Babanin Ciftligi (Ali Babas Farm); ISRAEL: Zum Gali Gali (Work Song); IRAN: Attal, Mattal (Rhythm Game); INDIA: Anilae Anilae (Chipmunk, Chipmunk), Kai Veechamma (Move Your Hand); CHINA: Fong Swei (After School); KOREA: Arirang (Arirang Hill); JAPAN: Ame, Ame (Rain, Rain); MALAYSIA: Pok Amai, Amai (Clap Together); AUSTRALIA: Kookaburra (Round); NEW ZEALAND: Epo I Tai Tai E (I Will Be Happy)

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