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Your Story Hour-Album 2 Bible Series

Your Story Hour-Album 2 Bible Series

Your Story Hour Album 2 Bible Story Series

Album 2: Dangers in the Desert-The Israelites in the desert;
the Ten Commandments-Moses at Mount Sinai;
Miriam the Great-Miriam becomes jealous;
The Man of Patience-Moses denied access to the Promised Land;
The Unfaithful Prophet-Baalam employed to curse Israel;
The Unfaithful Prophet (part 2)-Baalams plans defeated;
The Thief Who Defeated an Army-Achan;
The Longest Day in History-the day the sun stood still;
Conquering Canaan-Joshua conquers Canaan;
Mighty Gideon-Gideon defeats the Midianites;
The Champion of Champions-Samson;
The Story of Ruth;
The Wayward Sons-Elis wicked sons;
The Youngest Priest-Samuel’s childhood ministry;
The Two Battles at Aphek-the ark is captured;
The Tall, Strong & Handsome Man-Saul chosen King of Israel;
King Saul Saves a City-Saul battles the Ammonites;
The Crown Prince on a Secret Mission-Jonathan;
The Boy & the Giant-David & Goliath;
The Deadly plot-Sauls plot against David;
The Sword of Goliath-David seeks Samuels help;
David Escapes-David escapes from Saul; King Saul and a Cave-David spares Sauls life;
A Wicked Rich Man-Nabal, the rich fool.

12-CD album

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