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Your Story Hour-Album 3-Bible Series

Your Story Hour-Album 3-Bible Series

Your Story Hour Album 3
Bible Story Series
Album 3:
Midnight on the Hill of Hachilah-Loyalty to Saul;
David Seeks a Home-David goes to Philistia;
The Battle of Gilboa-Saul and the witch of Endor;
Surprise Attack-David seeks revenge for Ziklag;
The Coronation-David made king;
A Tunnel to Success-David captures Jerusalem;
The King and the Ark-David brings back the ark;
The Crippled Prince-Mephibosheth;
A Prophecy Fulfilled-David avenges national insult;
Davids Great Sin and His Repentence-David & Bathsheba;
Absalom, the Rebellious Prince (part 1)-Absaloms conspiracy against David;
Absalom, the Rebellious Prince (part 2)-the defeat and death of Absalom;
A Victory Turned to Mourning-David mourns Absalom;
The Hermit and the King-parable of life;
The Fourth Son of David-Adonijah’s conspiracy against David;
The Last Days of David-the death of David;
The Three Transgressors-Adonijah, Joab and Shimei;
The Wise King-Solomon, the wise;
The Kingdoms Divided-Solomon's kingdom divided;
And Then It Rained-Ahab & Elijah;
The Flying Chariot-Elijah taken to heaven;
The Woman of Shumen-Elisha brings child back to life;
The Captive Maid-Naaman healed of leprosy;
The Invisible Army-Elisha captures Syrian army;
The Mystery of the Disappearing Army-Syrian army besieges Samaria;
The Mystery of the Backward Moving Sun-Isaiah, Hezekiah & the backward moving sun;
The New Queen-Esther;
The Forgotten Reward-Haman plots Mordecai's death.

12-CD set

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