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Your Story Hour-Album 11-Character Series

Your Story Hour-Album 11-Character Series

Your Story Hour Album 11
Character Building Story Series
Album 11:

Donna’s Uninvited Guest-Learning respect for the elderly;
No Greater Love-faithfulness & bravery;
The fierce Protector-God provides protection;
Greyfrier's Bobby-fithfulness of a dog;
Maggie and the Yellow Dogs-God's protection;
Gunga and the Tiger-an Indian boys courage;
Tested-resisting temptation to be dishonest;
Triangel Tangle-ishonesty;
Mary Jones and Her Bible-a child's love for the Bible;
The Eleventh Commandment-Christian courtesy;
Sharons Closet-neatness & thrift;
Unexpecated Caller-standing for right;
The Cow and the Senator-an orphan boy makes good;
Rambunctious Doberman-a faithful dog;
Christmas Hearts at Easter-unselfish love;
Farmer Whipple, Bachelor-Romantic poem dramatized;
The Crooked Road-teenage peer pressure;
The Long Train Ride-God reunites two war orphans;
The Fantastic Christmas-World War I Christmas Story;
Sam and the Christmas Angel-Farm family’s Christmas;
Loris "Just for Love;"-Little girl melts two cold hearts;
A Christmas Story--Dr. Browns Christmas Party;
The Hidden Treasure-What a treasure is and where to hide it;
What Happened to Danny-teenage alcohol addiction;
Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief-shoplifting;
Sowing Seeds of Kindness-kindness saves a family from death;
Touble with Thieves-yielding to temptation;
Fools Gold-Obedience and honesty;
Judy True Friend-Pressure to conform by cheating;
Temptation-keeping a promise;
Phillip Learns a Lesson-the problems of gambling, stealing and wrong associates.

12-CD album

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