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Great New Stories, Vol. 2, Your Story Hour

Great New Stories, Vol. 2,  Your Story Hour

YSH-Great New Stories Vol. 2
Great New Story Series

Biographical Stories

George Washington, part 1
growing-up years

George Washington, part 2
the French & Indian War

George Washington, part 3
the Revolution

George Washington, part 4
the President

Henry Ford, part 1
the first car

Henry Ford, part 2
Persistence pays off

Young Mark Twain

Louisa May Alcott’s childhood

Character Building Stories

Honey Creek Heroine
Girl saves hundreds from watery grave

The Autograph Special
John Hancock borrows Rebekah's pen

A Special Strength
Quaker lady opens school for black girls

Darcy’s Fall
Story of a runaway girl

The Good Neighbor
A lady frontier doctor

Sandy Singing
Young Sam Clemens learns compassion

Bread on the Waters
Louisa May Alcott’s childhood

The Clock Strikes Ten
God works a miracle through an unlikely person.

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