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Singin' Smart 1

Singin' Smart 1

Singin’ Smart 1
Pamela Peterson

If you heard someone had fractured their fibula, would you know just which bone that was?
How many departments are there in the Executive Branch of the government, and what are their names?
What table manners should your kids remember?

This CD and creative book full of artistic visual aids teaches the names of all

the Three Branches of the Government,
Click to Hear Sample

the President’s Club,

States of the USA,
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State Capitals


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Solar Sonata in C
(the solar system)
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Classic Rap
(classical composers)
This is just rhythmical talking by children, not actually rap!
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(Bones of the body)
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the days, months, and seasons,

Mythical Mealtime Bliss
(a cute song on table manners)
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There are eleven interesting songs full of good, general knowledge that everyone needs to know. Good for any age

CD and book 16.95.

If you already have the set with the tape and want to upgrade to a CD, the CDs are available for $10.00 each.
We would not encourage you to just purchase the CD if you don’t have the book. You need the book/CD set. They work together.

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