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Singin’ Smart 2

Singin’ Smart 2

Singin’ Smart 2
Pamela Peterson

Can you name the 41 most common chemical elements?
What are the ten major organ systems of the body?
Who were the most famous inventors of the 19th century?
Do you have a basic working knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System?

You will learn all these and many more interesting facts of general information in this second volume of Singin Smart.

Songs Include:

We the People
(the Preamble to the Constitution)
Click to Hear Sample

All Systems Go
(body systems)
Click to Hear Sample

Yo, Rocky

South of the Border
(Central and South American countries)

Africa’s a Great, Big Place
(the countries of Africa)

A Bit of Lit
(great authors and periods of literature
Click to Hear Sample

Inventors Song
Click to Hear Sample

Click to Hear Sample

Fun With Puns
(commonly misspelled homonymns)
Click to Hear Sample

Dewey’s Decimals
(the Dewey Decimal System)
Click to Hear Sample

Aluminum to Zinc
(41 most common chemical elements)
Click to Hear Sample

Continents and Seas

Take a Hike!
(mountain ranges) Click to Hear Sample

CD and book, $16.95

If you already have the set with the tape and want to upgrade to a CD, the CDs are available for $10.00 each.
We would not encourage you to just purchase the CD if you don’t have the book. You need the book/CD set. They work together.

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