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Color The Classics--Hymn Writers

Color The Classics--Hymn Writers

Color the Classics
Hymn Writers

Color the Classics Hymn Writers will help your children to understand the lives of the composers of many of the greatest hymns that have been loved by generations of Christians.

Did you know that Charles Wesley was almost bitten by an alligator in the colony of Georgia? What was Charles Wesley doing in Georgia anyway? Did you know that a ruthless slave trader wrote one the most loved hymns of all time? Color the Classics (Hymns) will take you from the Wittenburg Castle with an ex-monk through the swamps of Georgia with the Wesley brothers, on to the African coast hunting for slaves. Retell the short biographies, color the pages and then listen to the hymns to inspire your children.

By coloring the illustations, as they listen to music, while you retell the short biographies, your children will delight in these composers, understand musical concepts and become familiar with their music.
Hymn Writers include: Luther, Watts, Wesley, Newton, and Crosby.

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