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Tchaikovsky Discovers America

Tchaikovsky Discovers America

A tale of courage and adventure: Tchaikovsky arrives in New York for the grand opening of Carnegie Hall in 1891. Itís all aboard for a fun-filled musical adventure to Niagara Falls. During his trip, the great composer shares stories with a young family about his music, his life and his fear of conducting. In the end, both the composer and the family discover something about courage and about themselves.

Includes more than two dozen excerpts from such works as
The Nutcracker,
Swan Lake,
Sleeping Beauty,
the First Piano Concerto,
String Serenade and
the 1812 Overture.

Also includes a musical mosaic of well-known American music of the time, including ragtime, spirituals and popular folk classics.

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Tchaikovsky Discovers America
A Teachers Manual is also available.
Moves children from being passive listeners to active participants by engaging their imginations, offering new skills and knowledge, and stimulating higher-order thinking skills. Presents 70 facts and thought-provoking questions to move beyond music into an integrated curriculum of social studies, creative writing, math, sciences and ther other arts. See listing below.

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