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Amazing Grace, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Amazing Grace, Focus on the Family Radio Theatre

Amazing Grace
From Focus on the Family
Radio Theatre

Three Remarkable Lives.
One Amazing Grace.

Inspired by the major motion picture, Radio Theatre’s Amazing Grace serves as a prequel to the film. Experience events in the late 1700’s that led three men – John Newton, Olaudah Equiano and William Wilberforce – to join together in a fight against England’s slave trade.

Meet William Wilberforce, a privileged young man and a rising star in British politics. So why would he throw it all away to fight for the freedom of a people he’d never known, in lands he’d never visited? Experience the story of a man who learned that conviction comes with a very high price – but a price worth paying to abolish slavery.

At age 10, Olaudah Equiano was brutally taken from Africa as a slave. Oppressed and betrayed, this child would become a man who defied his times with courage, ingenuity, and faith.

Young John Newton traded slaves and became a slave – to men, and to his own depravity. So, how is it that such a man could write the words Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound, that saved a wretch like me…?

Radio Theatre’s Amazing Grace presents the story of three lives that converged on one point in history, stirring the conscience of a nation and changing the world forever.

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Total running time: Over 5 hours on 5 CDs

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