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Goodness - Character Classics

Goodness - Character Classics
Goodness is being well-behaved, mannerly, and kind; doing what is right and proper.

Songs include:
  • Danny's Good Adventure
    La Donna e Mobile
    Giuseppe Verdi

    To help students learn to do what is right and proper
  • The Frog on a Log
    La Primavera from the Four Seasons
    Antonio Vivaldi

    To help students learn that good acts cause other good acts
  • In Your Heart
    Sonata No. 8 in C Minor, Op. 13
    Pathetique Sonata--Adagio Cantabile Movement
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    To help students learn that goodness starts in the heart.
  • The Party
    Habanera from Carmen
    Georges Bizet

    To help students learn to be well-behaved and mannerly.
  • When Everyone is Watching
    Rondo alla Turca from A major Sonata
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    To help students learn the importance of good behavior at all times.
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