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Self-Control - Character Classics

Self-Control - Character Classics
This Sing-a-Story book is based on the songs from the award-winning Self-Control Character Classics sound recordings.

This book contains all of the songs from that recording, but features the title song, "Self-Control," with beautiful illustrations and delightful characters from the song. You may read along with the pictures, or if you have the recording...you may want to sing the words as you follow the meaningful illustrations.

In the song "Self-Control," children learn that when they are tempted to do something they shouldn't, they need to practice a little self-control.

The colorful illustrations and delightful characters bring to life everyday situations where children need self-control to not "eat everything in sight" or "kick and scream and make a big scene." What is a child supposed to so when a sign says, "Don't Touch"? This calls for self-control!

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Songs included in Self-Control are:
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