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Truthfulness - Character Classics

Truthfulness - Character Classics
Truthfulness is making sure that my words and actions are accurate, genuine, and factual so that I am a reliable messenger.

Songs include:
  • Let Your Yes Be Yes
    Pictures At An Exhibition, The Gate of Kiev
    Modest Mussorgsky
    To learn the importance of telling the truth accurately.
  • Fibber Fred
    The Secret
    Leonard Gautier
    To help students learn the importance of telling the truth at all times.
  • The Truthful Toad
    Piano Concerto No. 20, Romance
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
    To learn that it is always best to tell the truth.
  • Tell The Truth
    On the Beautiful Blue Danube Waltz
    Johann Strauss, Jr.
    To help students be truthful and reliable with their words and actions.
  • The Wallet
    El Choclo
    A. G. Villoldo
    To encourage students to always tell the truth.
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