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Character for Life - Book

Character for Life - Book

“Our public interest depends on private character.”
-From President Bush’s 2001 Inaugural Speech

Character for Lifeis bibically sound, historically correct and timely..."
-Dr. David Roth, Headmaster, Wheaton Academy

When America was very young, the men and women who cut a civilization out of the New World wilderness did so with sweat, blood, and ingenuity.
They also used those invisible qualities so necessary for such an undertaking, namely, elements of character the new country desperately needed. How blessed we all are today that this nation received the gift of the Old World’s finest pioneers in the law, politics, and religion.

Now, Don Hawkinson brings profiles of those men and women to new life in Character for Life. Some of those profiled were the spiritual ancestors of the founders of America, and some shaped the early culture in America. Among the 37 profiled:

  • David Brainerd (1718-1747), whose short life produced sweet fruit in missions and inspired such friends as Jonathon Edwards.
  • Sojourner Truth (1797-1883). This remarkable New York woman, a former slave, worked tirelessly for the rights of the oppressed and left a legacy that is still being explored for inspiration.
  • William Penn (1664-1718). The founder of Pennsylvania, Penn used a land grant in the colonies to found a society based on religious truth and piety.
  • Florence Nightingale (1820-1910). This native Italian, raised in England, revolutionized medicine by spearheading hospital reform. Her emphasis on clean working conditions saved many lives.
  • John Marshall (1755-1835). This soldier of the Revolution became one of the country’s leading lights on the Supreme Court, and as Chief Justice, set a standard for generations.
  • Table of Contents

    • Truth - Thomas Aquinas
    • Wisdom - Isaac Newton
    • The Golden Rule - Hugo Grotius
    • Dependence on God - Fanny Crosby
    • Sorrow over Sin - David Brainerd
    • Grateful and Submissive Spirit - Blaise Pascal
    • Hunger After Righteousness - Samuel Adams
    • Forgive and Extend Mercy - Alexander Hamilton
    • Loving God with a Pure Heart - Jonathan Edwards
    • Blessed Are the Peacemakers - John Quincy Adams
    • Persecuted for Righteousness - Abraham Lincoln
    • Walking in God's Truth - Patrick Henry
    • Trusting God's Character - William Penn
    • Reverence for God - John Witherspoon
    • Seeking God's Kingdom First - Benjamin Rush
    • Compassion - William Wilberforce
    • Courage - John Winthrop
    • Faithfulness - Noah Webster
    • Goodness - Joseph Story
    • Grace - George Whitefield
    • Holiness - John Wesley
    • Hospitality - Florence Nightingale
    • Humility - John Marshall
    • Impartiality - Richard Hooker
    • Integrity - George Washington
    • Jealousy for God's Honor - Charles Finney
    • Joy - Charles Wesley
    • Justice - Sojourner Truth
    • Kindness - George Washington Carver
    • Love - Count Ludwig Von Zinzendorf
    • Patience - George Mason
    • Respectfulness - Daniel Webster
    • Responsibility - John Adams
    • Self Control - Roger Sherman
    • Selflessness - John Jay
    • Thankfulness - William Bradford
    • Zeal - James Madison
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