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Under Drake's Flag, Henty Audio Book-- Jim Hodges

Under Drake's Flag, Henty Audio Book-- Jim Hodges


Under Drake's Flag
A Tale of the Spanish Main
By G. A. Henty
Read by Jim Hodges

"From humble beginnings to great achievements." So reads the coat of arms of one of the most renowned seamen in all history, Sir Francis Drake. The eldest of 12 children, Francis overcame a difficult and poor childhood by diligence, energy, bravery, and faith. The Drake family was forced to move from their estate in response to persecution against their deeply held Protestant beliefs. His father imparted the faith to his son while they lived in the abandoned hulk of an old, laid-up ship in the town of Chatham and preached to the sailors of the Navy.

Beginning his sea-faring career at age 15, Francis eventually became the first Englishman to circumnavigate the globe, a nearly three-year long ordeal, of which journey this book largely centers, and in reward of which the Queen personally feasted onboard the Golden Hind and there bestowed the honor of knighthood upon him. This honor being bestowed upon one of lowly birth was virtually heard of. Although holding religious services on board ship twice a day, and standing at only 5 feet and 5 inches, the little captain general was a tiger for aggressive action. The Spanish feared him so much that they called him "El Draque," or "The Dragon," and rightly did they do so considering his daring deeds on the open seas and in their New World settlements. And yet he was also admired by them for his humane treatment and kindness toward his enemies when they had surrendered to him in battle, and for his well-known generosity throughout his lifetime.

Little did the Spanish know that he would eventually become Vice-Admiral of the English fleet, participate in the near-total destruction of their Navy in their own well-defended harbor at Cadiz, and route the much vaunted Spanish Armada in 1588.

"No matter what your station in life, no matter what your circumstances... diligence, energy, bravery, and faith can bring to you also the admiration of friend and foe, as well as great achievements."

Unabridged MP3 CDs
13 hours on 8 (100 minute)

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Read these testimonials

"These books are beautifully read." "Little Bear" Wheeler

"What do you get when you cross a spellbinding story with an eloquent storyteller? You get Jim Hodges reading aloud a G. A. Henty book! We had to drive 6 hours this weekend and our family was enthralled! Mr. Hodges reads with a fluent style that charmed us all, from Drew (7 years) to Daddy (40 years)." L. F. - Renton WA, TEACH Magazine

"A highly professional recording. Made history come alive for me and my sons. What a voice!" D. J. - Fort Worth TX

"Whether you are out on a walk, riding in the car, or just sitting by the fire, you will be able to bring these G. A. Henty classics with you wherever you go. Jim Hodges has brought to life these Henty novels in unabridged, dramatic readings. The tapes are high-quality and well recorded with strong, clear reading - perfect for recapturing that "lost" time in the car." Gods World Book Club

"I couldnt put the tapes down. I found myself switching from my large CD/cassette entertainment system to a portable cassette ... Im looking forward to listening to it again." J. G. - Alexandria, VA

"OK. We will say it again. THANK YOU!!! We will probably say it many times more but I had to tell you what is happening in our house because we bought the tapes that you recorded. K turned eleven last November, and though he loved books he has struggled with reading them himself. As we washed dishes or did our chores, the children begged to hear the next cassette and so it became a routine after dinner. The next thing is what is really exciting to me. We bought the three books to go with the tapes. K grabbed them up and began to read them. Now it is not uncommon to find him planted in the "library" (our version of it) reading! This would have never happened before. I even overheard C, who is younger than K but reading on the same level, reading aloud to the kids. She was using inflection in her voice and even accents for each character. I am praising God for His faithfulness to answer my prayers." A. R. – Germany

"I love them and have been telling all my fellow home schoolers." J. W. - Oak Harbor, WA

"We have listened to your tapes a bit and are very pleased. Your speaking voice is great! . . .The expression and changes in your voice are great and make for easy listening!" Caren (Home School Treasures)

"Its hard to do two things at once when one of them is reading, but you can always listen while doing something else. Unless, of course, you get too engrossed in these engaging novels. Recorded by historian Jim Hodges, these high-quality tapes feature clear, dramatic reading. Having a real storyteller tell the story makes a world of difference. These tapes are especially good for those long car trips. . . . In addition to the entertainment value, the whole family is also learning history as you listen to them. Each book is recorded on 8 tapes, with 100 minutes per tape, for 13 hours of enjoyment per book." Stephanie (Rainbow Resources)

Those L-O-N-G holiday car trips will go a lot quicker with audiobooks, and here are some we heartily recommend for the whole family, ESPECIALLY if you are a fan of G. A. Hentys historical fiction. Jim Hodges has done a GREAT job of transferring 5 (and more to come) of Hentys books UNABRIDGED onto audio cassettes. We enjoyed "Winning His Spurs." Even my children could tell that Mr. Hodges engaging reading made you feel as though you were present for the conversations among the characters. . . These tapes are ideal for fans of historical adventure fiction for young and old. If you get them for a car trip, you may find yourself driving a little further than you planned just so you can hear what happens next! Instead of hearing, "Are we there yet?" you may be hearing, "Do we HAVE to stop now?". :-) Sharon Powell, Editor, Make-A-Note, an e-zine with a CIRCULATION of 28,529 (from around the world!)

The Henty audio books recorded by Jim Hodges are now available in MP3 CDs. These are NOT regular CDs that can be played on any CD player. They can be played on a DVD player, a computer CD-ROM or a boom box that has a CD player that is compatible with MP3 CDs. Mr. Hodges made them in this format instead of regular CDs because the entire book can be recorded onto ONE MP3 CD, thus keeping the cost down from the many regular CDs it would take for one book. Just be aware when you order the MP3 CDs that they won’t play on a regular CD player without MP3 capability.

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