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Horizon's West, The Lewis And Clark Expedition - Old Time Radio

Horizon's West, The Lewis And Clark Expedition -  Old Time Radio

Horizon’s West
The Lewis and Clark Expedition
From Old Time Radio

This well-written and well-performed program includes the complete set of 13 half-hour broadcasts performed for Armed Forces Radio, and documents the exploration of America by Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. The story lines include exciting tales of meeting the fierce Teton Sioux American Indians and other tribes, Sacagawea joining the expedition, dealing with horse thieves and hunting for daily food, exploring the Yellowstone River, and fighting a Blackfoot Indian war party. So pack your bag full of beef jerky and trail mix, grab your compass, and head off with William and Meriwether to explore and chart the American West!

  • 1. Mr. Jefferson’s Dream 30:43
  • 2. The Confrontation 30:47
  • 3. Dakota Winter 30:44
  • 4. Into the Unknown 30:43
  • 5. The Great Falls 30:50
  • 6. Shoshone Country 30:42
  • 7. To the Pacific 30:25
  • 8. Fort on the Columbia 30:27
  • 9. Homeward Bound 30:33
  • 10. Decision at Traveler’s Rest 30:27
  • 11. Clark and the Horse Thieves 30:30
  • 12. Lewis and The Blackfeet 30:31
  • 13. Down the Missouri to St. Louis 30:40
Total Time: 6 Hours, 38 Minutes

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