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Math! Math! Math! Intelli-tunes K - 2

Math! Math! Math! Intelli-tunes K - 2

Math! Math! Math!
From Intelli-Tunes
by Ron and Nancy Brown

Songs include:

• Toughies
Adding 5+3=8, 6+3=9, 7+4=11, 8+6=14, etc.

• Attributes
sorting and classifying, looking for common attributes like size, shape, color, weight

• Counting by 100
Counting by hundreds to 1,000

• Fact Family
learning the relationship between addition and subtraction

• Fractions
halves, thirds, fourths
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• Get in Line (Ordinals)
first, second, third, fourth, fifth, etc.

• Half Past the Hour
Tell time by the half hour

• Time Rap
the short hands tells the hour and the long hand tells the minutes

• Hang Ten
trick for adding a single digit to the number 10

• Let’s Count to 30

• Number Eating Alligator
The alligator’s mouth is always opened up to the number that is greater.
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Click Here to download a free worksheet that goes with the "The Number Eating Alligator" Song.

• Penny, Nickel, Dime, Quarter
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• Perimeter
Take a closed figure and measure the outside edges to find the perimeter in inches, feet and yards, millimeters, centimeters, and meters.

• Do You Add or Subtract?
Adding is putting together; subtracting is taking things away
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• Zero, Zero
Zero holds a space in the place value line, and it has a power in every place.

Levels K-2

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