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Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon

Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon

Explore a lost world and uncover seven mysteries to the glory of God in Jonathan Park Goes to the Amazon! Follow along as Jonathan and his father join Vision Forum—a Christian family ministry—and a team of explorers on an exciting adventure to the Amazon Rainforest and the Andes Mountains. Together they investigate some of the most amazing examples of God’s creation, discovering the true meaning of Christian stewardship from jungle paths to mountain peaks. When Jonathan’s laptop gets mixed up with a stranger’s at the Lima Airport, the adventure begins as two thrill-seekers become convinced the team is trying to find the Lost City of Gold. Join the excitement as Jonathan, Kendall, and the Vision Forum team explore the mysteries of Amazonia, while Ajay and Quentin stalk them in their pursuit of ancient treasure!

A Creationist’s Guide to 50 Mysteries of the Amazon Rainforest & Andes Mountains

1. Ernest Shackleton
2. Francisco de Orellana
3. Percival Fawcett
4. Vampire Bat
5. The Spirit of Adventure
6. Preparing for the Adventure
7. Biblical Manhood
8. The Rubber Boom
9. Advanced Cultures
10. The Myth of the Noble Savage
11. The Tribes of the Amazon
12. The Great Commission
13. The Diversity of Amazonian Animals
14. Agouti
15. Bombardier Beetle
16. Ant
17. Tarantula
18. Southern Monarch Butterfly
19. Squirrel Monkey
20. Anaconda
21. Ocelot
22. Kinkajou
23. Pink Dolphin
24. Romans 1
25. Worshipping the Creation
26. The Creator is Due Worship
27. Modern Evolutionists Worship Creation
28. Psalm 8
29. Environmental Pantheism
30. Adam and the Dominion Mandate: Studying Creation
31. Job and the Creator
32. Adam and the Dominion Mandate: Stewardship
33. What Does It Mean to Live as Christians?
34. Two Wrong Views on Dominion
35. Modern-Day Creation Worship
36. The Failure to Follow the Dominion Mandate
37. The Speed of Regeneration
38. Diversity of Plant Life in the Amazon
39. Plants and the Carbon Cycle
40. Medicines from the Plants
41. Food from the Plants
42. Sand Dunes
43. The Nazca Plains
44. The Ica Stones
45. Hiram Bingham
46. The Technology of the Incas
47. The Worship of the Incas
48. The Demise of the Incas
49. Why Do Nations Fall?
50. The Great Reward
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