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It's Fun To Have Good Manners!

It's Fun To Have Good Manners!

Fun Songs from the Manners Club
by Judi Vankevich
The Manners Lady

Manners and respect are vital--but often overlooked--skills in today’s world. With an increase in bullying and bad attitudes in our society, the teaching of manners and respect is seen as a positive way of dealing with these problems, and Judi Johnston Vankevich has become an internationally recognized expert on manners and positive social behavior.

As Zig Ziglar says, "The Manners Lady has come along at the right time with the right information! In a loving, exciting and inspirational way, Judi sells manners and then teaches them!"

Judi holds a Master’s Degree in Law & Government, and a B.A. in Business and Political Science. Now she is excited about inspiring children-of all ages-to learn "self government" and "self control" as they learn to live by The Golden Rule and with good manners.

The Manners Lady CD includes:

Good Manners! (The Theme Song)
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The Golden Rule Rap (this is NOT offensive rap -- merely rhythmic talking

The Five Fabulous Phrases
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Bad Manners Monsters
Obey Our Mom & Dad
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Yes Ma’am! Yes Sir!
Happy Eyes
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Everyone Needs to Feel Special
Wash Those Germs!
Prince Knife and Princess Spoon (To Set the Table!)
The Goops!
Goodness Gracious Gratitude
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Say Hello to All the World
Everybody Needs Good Manners
The Friendship Song

CD, $16.95
Lyrics included with CD

Once you have purchased the CD, you may gets lots of free resources on teaching good manners from her web site i.e. Bad Manners Monsters Coloring Sheets (Grouchy Rouchy and Messy Bessy!); The Five Steps to Awesome Introduction Skills Poster, and much more.

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