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Paws & Tales, Season 1, Episodes 1-29

Paws & Tales, Season 1, Episodes 1-29

Paws & Tales
Season 1, 15 CDs
From Insight for Living

All 29 episodes in one collection! Now you can enjoy all of the fun, adventure, and music from Paws & Talesí first season. Paws & Tales has quickly become a favorite for kids of all ages. Memorable stories with meaningful lessons make each episode a timeless classic! Perfect for sharing with Sunday School classes, V.B.S., home school study groups, and church librariesÖ and of course your cubs and grand-cubs!

Stories Include:
Episode 1: A Good Foundation
Building a Spiritual core

Episode 2: Grace to Hugh
Learning to give grace

Episode 3: To Have And Give Not
Sharing with Others

Episode 4: High Noon
Overcoming fear

Episode 5: The Princess
Discovering how God answers prayer

Episode 6: Standing Alone
Standing up for truth

Episode 7: Correction Course
Itís important to obey

Episode 8: A Closer Look
Using the gifts God has given us

Episode 9: God with the Wind
Knowing God by His creation

Episode 10: The Lighthouse
Listening to our conscience

Episode 11: A Race Against Time
Putting others first

Episode 12:The Honey Buzz Principle
Greed ruins friendships

Episode 13: Snake Oil
Becoming a disciple of Christ

Episode 14: The Great Go-Cart Race
Cooperating with others

Episode 15: The Perfect Christmas Gift
Christmas is about Jesus (Christmas episode)

Episode 16: Hold the Anchovies
Learning to Obey

Episode 17:A Conscious Effort
You canít ignore your conscience when youíve done wrong

Episode 18: Tiffany cometh
Learning to cooperate

Episode 19: Staciís Dilemma
Receiving Godís forgiveness

Episode 20: Blinded by the Sight
God sees the heart

Episode 21: The HullaBaloo at Hunker Hill
Being kind when its difficult

Episode 22: A Pirateís Life
Obeying the rules

Episode 23: Plans in the Breaking
God works all things out for good

Episode 24: The Scarlet Stain
Asking for forgiveness

Episode 25:If The Tooth Be Known
Jesus frees us from fear

Episode 26: The Grecian Urn
Being honest

Episode 27: The Gift
God has a plan for each of us

Episode 28: Goliath
We are new creatures in Christ

Episode 29: Iím a Believer
Easter is a time of rejoicing

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