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Paws & Tales, Season 2, 24 Episodes

Paws & Tales, Season 2, 24 Episodes

Paws & Tales
Season 2
Episodes 30-43 (24 episodes)
From Insight for Living

24 more episodes your family will cherish! Follow C.J., Staci, Gooz and the rest of The Club as they discover more about our great and loving God. This set also contains the critically acclaimed retelling of The Story of Esther. The Season 2 Collection is a perfect teaching tool for Sunday school classes, home school study groups, and Christian schools. Or bring this set home to your cubs and grand-cubs for memorable stories that build godly character.

Collection includes 24 episodes on 12 CDs.

Episode 30 – “The Dedication”
(Being good stewards)

Episode 31 – “Eye Of The Tiger”
(Do everything for God’s glory)

Episode 32 – “The Hire Principle”
(Putting others first)

Episode 33 – “And Then There Were None”
(Serving one another)

Episode 34 – “Cylinder #137K”
(God is always with us)

Episode 35 – “Whose Name Is Jealous”
(There is only one true God)

Episode 36 – “The Tribe”
(Sinning hurts our service to God)

Episode 37 – “Love Hopes”
(“Love hopes all things”)

Episode 38 – “C.J. & Ahab”
Episode 39 – “Miss Helga Grissel”
(Showing grace to others)

Episode 40 – “The Least Of All”
(All things are possible with God)

Episode 41 – “True Riches”
(Counting our blessings – Christmas episode)

Episode 42 – “Every Good Thing”
(Giving thanks – Christmas episode)

Episode 43 – “The Road To Christmas”
(Abundant life – Christmas episode)

Episode 44 – “The Plans I Have”
(God is our rock in times of change)
Episode 45 – “The Story Of Esther, Part 1”

(“God causes all things to work together”)
Episode 46 – “The Story Of Esther, Part 2”
(God has a plan for our lives)

Episode 47 – “The Story Of Esther, Part 3”
(God will never leave those who trust Him)

Episode 48 – “The Island Of Ned”
(“Two are better than one”)

Episode 49 – “Grow Your Gifts”
(Exercising our God-given gifts)

Episode 50 – “The Good Shepherd”
(Jesus is the Good Shepherd)

Episode 51 – “Powers And Principalities”
(Spiritual battles)

Episode 52 – “C.J. Prospers”
(Rejoicing with others)

Episode 53 – “I’m Achan All Over”
(Sin cuts us out of God’s blessings)

12 CDs, 24 Episodes, $49.95

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