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Pearl Harbor Attacked!

Pearl Harbor Attacked!
December 7, 1941 - A Day That Will Live in Infamy! When the Japanese Ambassador was visiting with our Secretary of State, he did not know what we already knew - that the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor had begun! On a quiet Sunday morning in sunny Honolulu, Hawaii, Japanese planes were dropping bombs on our fleet at anchor, our planes on the ground, and the town itself. Our entry into World War II had begun! Listen live as the first reports of the attack come in, interrupting a football game broadcast, the live reports from the scene, the speculation and shock. These broadcasts play in order as they were broadcast throughout the day. And you can listen "live!"

*THIS DISC CONTAINS MP3 FILE FORMAT AUDIO FILES The audio files can be downloaded to an iPod! The CD itself will play on your computer CD drive, a DVD player, on an MP3 compatible CD player available at Amazon.com. The files will not play in a standard CD player.

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