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Phonics Time from Edutunes

Phonics Time from Edutunes

Phonics Time CD/Book Set
by Miss Jenny
From Edutunes

28 original songs that teach letter sounds and how they build words. Complete with full-size, 60-page book of lyrics and excellent teaching ideas.


If You Want to Be a Reader


Letter Sounds

All Rhymes End With the Same Sound
Click to Hear Sample

Beginning and Ending Sounds

Build a Word
Click to Hear Sample

Break It Down

The Sentence Song
Click to Hear Sample

I Know Words: Short Vowel Sounds

I Know Words: Long Vowel Sounds

Short Vowels

Long Vowels

That Magic E
Click to Hear Sample

I Know Vowels Vowels and Consonants

2 Words in 1 Fun

Special Letters
Click to Hear Sample

2 Vowels Together

A Vowel Sound in Every Syllable

Beginning Blends

Ending Blends

Letter Tricks

Phonogram Funk

Who, What, When, Where, Why

Click to Hear Sample

Compound Word Whiz

A Contraction Has an Apostrophe

Homework Time

60 page book of lyrics and CD

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Advanced Phonics with Miss Jenny

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