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Reaping The Harvest

Reaping The Harvest

Reaping the Harvest
The Bounty of Abundant-Life Homeschooling
from Diana Waring
History Alive

Reaping the Harvest is the sequel to Beyond Survival. Discover the joy of homeschooling teenagers. The real life experience, joys, sorrows, and witty advice characteristic of all Dianas writing sparkle from cover to cover, bringing encouragement and wisdom.

She continues the story of finding joy in the homeschool adventure -- this time, sharing how to prepare for and revel in your life with teenagers! Reaping the Harvest is a proactive, grace-filled approach to child-rearing, filled with real life experiences, that might help you avoid typical "teenage" behavior. Diana will gently guide you through some of the "messiest" parts of raising your kids.

Part One will teach you about "tilling the ground," or building relationships with your children, with the understanding that sometimes "love is messy."
Part Two covers a lot of ground in practical areas as you "sow the seed," knowing that sometimes "learning is messy."
Part Three gathers it all together as you "reap the harvest" and realize the dream of the future, fully comprehending that, while "life is messy," its worth it.

We can highly recommend this book since our own experience parallels, to a great extent, what the Warings have experienced on their homeschooling journey. What a joy it has been seeing our children as they have matured into wonderful, God-honoring young adults.

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