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Alphabet Exercise - DVD

Alphabet Exercise - DVD
This fun exercise DVD helps young children learn the alphabet while being active and using their imaginations!
  • Developed by educators and a certified fitness trainer
  • Covers capital and lowercase letters, words starting with each letter
  • Provides vocabulary enrichment for preschoolers and kindergartners
  • Works upper and lower body; includes stretching and isometric movements
  • Addresses the need for preschool exercise activities or kindergarten fitness activities
  • Requires no special equipment and can be done in a classroom
  • Easy for preschool or kindergarten children to learn the fitness exercises and follow along
These exercises are designed for children ages 3 and up who are in good health. If you have any questions about the health of your child, please consult your child’s physician. We encourage adults to do the fitness activities with children. After the Letter N, Al provides a rest break. You may stop the DVD for as long as needed or take additional breaks by pausing the video.

Ages 3 – 5. Approx. 37 minutes.

Alphabet Exercise preschool fitness songs include: Alphabet Al's Warm-Up • A Exercise Song • B Exercise Song • C Exercise Song • D Exercise Song • E Exercise Song • F Exercise Song • G Exercise Song • H Exercise Song • I Exercise Song • J Exercise Song • K Exercise Song • L Exercise Song • M Exercise Song • N Exercise Song • O Exercise Song • P Exercise Song • Q Exercise Song • R Exercise Song • S Exercise Song • T Exercise Song • U Exercise Song • V Exercise Song • W Exercise Song • X Exercise Song • Y Exercise Song • Z Exercise Song • Print the Letters A to Z • Print the Numbers


I gave Emily, my 3-year-old granddaughter, this DVD from Rock 'N Learn that teaches the ABCs while doing fun exercises to song. She loved moving around, following the exercises with Alphabet Al. It’s just right for young children to get them up and moving during days they can’t go out and play.

Her mom, Lori, teaches 3 1/2 - 4 year olds. She took the Alphabet Exercise video to school to play it for her pre-school class since they couldn't go out to play - they had over 10 inches of snow the day before! The whole class was up and moving by “picking cherries” and more fun movements while learning the alphabet, beginning sounds, and new vocabulary. Lori and the other teachers liked it because they didn't need anything but the video for the kids to have a good time during their exercise time indoors. Lori stated, "Awesome! They loved it! At the end, it still had 90% of the kids’ attention. They wanted more!" That’s saying a lot for children of that young age, not able to go out and play because of the many, many inches of snow that fell last Monday!—Nanascorner.com March 2009

“This is such a fun video! My 4-year-old loves exercising along with the DVD and he knows all of his letters. I like it because he is active while watching TV and learning. Now, how cool is that?” –Karen T.

“I like this video because our school now requires that we get in more exercise during each part of the school day. This is a fun way to get my kindergartners to exercise. They love it!” –Joanna V., kindergarten teacher Received DVD today--listening, singing and jumping all over the place!!!!! Thanks --The class at Ms. Wilson's
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