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The Story Of Saul: The First King Of Israel, Paws & Tales

The Story Of Saul: The First King Of Israel, Paws & Tales

The Story of Saul
The First King of Israel
From Paws & Tales
Insight for Living

Experience the tragic story of a nation in rebellion and the man chosen to lead them. The Story of Saul features a large professional cast, cinematic sound design, and four musical numbers.

This version of the classic Bible story is a great tool for teaching about the dangers of pride and the blessings of obedience.

When The Club discovers recordings of Mr. Collins journey to ancient Gibeah, they relive the tragic story of Israel’s first king.

The Story of Saul, Part 1:
Responding to God’s Calling
1 Samuel 8-10
“We want a king like the other nations!” The nation of Israel turns its back on God’s leadership and calls for a king to be chosen from among them. But following God’s direction, the prophet Samuel makes an unlikely choice—a man whose last job was rounding up wild donkeys!

The Story of Saul, Part 2:
Stepping-up to the Challenge of Doing God’s Will
1 Samuel 11:1-13:15

A reluctant king rises to the challenge of leading a nation. King Saul’s humility and obedience brings his people back to worshiping God. But as the Philistine armies prepare to attack, the king’s faith is put to the ultimate test.

The Story of Saul, Part 3:
Avoiding Distractions When Doing God’s Will
1 Samuel 13:16-14:52

“A storm of destruction is coming—and King Saul doesn’t see it.” When Saul hears the words of his advisors more loudly than the direction of the Lord, his distraction threatens to destroy an entire nation.

The Story of Saul, Part 4:
Getting Back on Track When You Fail
1 Samuel 15:1-16:13

King Saul’s victories on the battlefield lead his nation to prosperity, but when he refuses to obey Samuel’s instruction, Saul pays a great price. God directs Samuel to select for Israel a new king, a man after God’s own heart.

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(114 min., 4 episodes on 2 compact discs)

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