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Speechercise Level 2 Ages 5-9

Speechercise Level 2 Ages 5-9

Level 2, Ages 5-9
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More songs, drills, and strategies designed to help children develop proper speech and articulation skills

Follow the workout leaders through musical exercises that target

  • Tongue and teeth placement
  • Challenging beginning, middle, and ending consonant sounds
  • More complex consonant-vowel transitions: f and v, s and z, ch and j, sh and s, th, l, r, and w

More great practice for young children beginning to develop speech habits OR those who may:
  • make inconsistent sound errors
  • stutter
  • be hard for listeners to understand
  • have difficulty coordinating the lips, tongue, and jaw when speaking
  • shorten sentences so it is not obvious that they struggle to produce certain sounds
  • struggle to produce a certain sound and end up substituting, distorting, omitting, or adding another sound instead
Bonus! The Enhanced CD includes PDF documents to print from your own computer:
  • User Guide with more detailed information on common childhood speech and language problems
  • Lyrics
  • Worksheets to reinforce the Speechercise Level 2 workout

Follow these steps to access and print the PDF documents:
  • Insert the Enhanced Music CD into your computer drive.
  • RIGHT CLICK on the CD Drive.
  • Select OPEN from the drop down menu.
  • Open the folders and/or documents like you would open any other folder or document.

Product is meant for Ages 3 to 6

Vocals Include:

Advanced Jaw Drops
Voiced And Voiceless Coordination
Advanced Lip Presses
For sound Sample

Advanced Tongue Pushups
Consonant-Vowel Movement Game
For sound Sample

The Tongue Twister Song
AFF, EFF, OAF, IF, OFF The Craziest Sounding Thing
Say The "V" Sound Now!
"F" and "V"
Its All About Sally
Can You Say ZA?
The "S" And "Z" Drill
Chee, Chow, Chaw
Ja Ja Ja Joe Jammin
For sound Sample

S and SH...There Is A Difference
This, That, Those!
For sound Sample

ARE, OR, EAR, AIR, IRE…Were Tired!
The LOW, ROW, Woe Song
Saying Sentences

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