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Story Of The World, Vol. 3, Early Modern Times by Susan Wise Bauer

Story Of The World, Vol. 3, Early Modern Times by Susan Wise Bauer

The Story of the World
Audio Book
Volume 3: Early Modern Times
1600 to 1850
by Susan Wise Bauer
Recorded by Jim Weiss

Early Modern Times
(1600 to 1850)

Click to Hear “The French in the New World”
Click to Hear “Emperor Chi’en-lung’s Library”
Click to Hear “The Work of the Abolitionists”

Introduce your child to the marvelous story of world civilizations with this read-aloud series geared for elementary age but enjoyable for the entire family.

  • Who was the Sun King?
  • How did samurai become sumo wrestlers?
  • What was the Black Hole of Calcutta?
  • And why was a California town named Ground Hog Glory?
Approximately 12 hours on 10 CDs, $49.95 NOW $37.45

Story of the World
Volume 3 TEXT
by Susan Wise Bauer

Enjoy learning about the Early Modern Times with this fun and informative read-aloud volume.
420 pages
paperback, $16.95 NOW $12.70

Volume 3 Activity Book
From Susan Wise Bauer
Don’t just read about history — experience it!
  • Color a picture of Captain Cook in Botany Bay,
  • design an Ottoman pattern,
  • play the Battle of Bunker Hill board game,
  • and pan for gold.

Designed to turn the accompanying book The Story of the World, Vol. 3: Early Modern Times into a complete history program, this Activity Book provides you with
  • comprehension questions and answers,
  • sample narrations,
  • maps and geography activities,
  • coloring pages,
  • lists of additional readings in history and literature,
  • and plenty of simple, hands-on activities
all designed for grades 1-4.

If you purchase this Activity Book, you have permission to copy the maps and coloring pages for use within your own family. If you would like to save yourself the trouble, you can purchase the separate Student Pages 3.

244 teacher pages
166 student pages
$32.95 NOW $24.70

Consumable sheets from the Activity Book for The Story of the World, Vol. 3

If you’ve already purchased the Activity Book, you’re free to make copies for your family to use. Many parents find it easier to simply use these pre-copied sheets.
$14.95 NOW $11.95 each

42 tests: one for each chapter of The Story of the World. Perfect for evaluating comprehension and retention. The narrative format of The Story of the World helps children remember the famous people, places, and events in history. These tests offer you an easy way to make sure that your child is absorbing the important events from world history. A combination of multiple choice, matching, fill-in-the-blank, and short writing samples allow you to evaluate your child’s retention and comprehension of key events in The Story of the World.

The Test package contains an answer key for all tests.
$12.95 NOW $9.70

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