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Themes To Remember Vol 2, Classical Magic

Themes To Remember  Vol 2, Classical Magic

(This program has NOTHING to do with magic. It has to do with the thrilling power of classical music!)

Classical Music Education Books with CDs for parents, grandparents, teachers, anyone who wants to give their children a head start in life.
Great birthday and holiday gifts.

This is the second volume in this series.
For the description of Volume 1
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Each book is fully illustrated with children in mind. Piano, a quiet little cat, and Forte, a rather loud little dog, accompany children throughout the books.

Volume 2 features all four of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons, Tchaikovsky’s Nutcracker Suite and Stravinsky’s Firebird Suite.

Themes to Remember, Volume 2
Albinoni--Adagio in G Minor
Bach--Air on the G String, Theme 1
Click to Hear Sample
I am out of breath Johann, my dear!
Air! Please give me "Air on the G String."
Just give me Air by Johann Bach."

Bach--Brandenburg Concerto No. 2
Bach--Tocatta & Fugue in Dm, Theme 1
Beethoven--Symphony No. 5, Movt 2
Beethoven--Symphony No. 5, Movt 3
Borodin--Prince Igor, Polovtsian Dance
Brahms--Hungarian Dance No. 5, Th 1
Brahms--Hungarian Dance No. 5, Th 2
Chopin--Minute Waltz
Chopin--Funeral March
Click to Hear Sample
Here comes the hearse
Here comes the body
Fresh from the block
Chopin block, the guillotine!
Fresh from the block
Chopin block, the guillotine...

Delibes--Lakmé, Flower Duet
Grieg--Piano Concerto in Am
Haydn--Serenade. Opus 3, No. 5
Click to Hear Sample
Sing a serenade,
Haydn’s Serenade.
Sing for Nicholas
And Santa Claus
On Christmas Day.
Nicholas Esterhazy
Patron Price to Haydn.
Sing a serenade,
Haydn’s serenade
Sweet as lemonade
Or marmalade
On hot cross buns
Nicholas Esterhazy
Patron Prince to Haydn

Haydn--London Symphony 104
Click to Hear Sample
Sing a Rondeau, Rondeau, written by Mouret,
I say, he really knew the way to start the day!
Sing a song of praise to God;
Let your joyful voices
Raise a song of His praise!

Mozart--Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
Mussorgsky--Great Gate of Kiev
Offenbach--Tales of Hoffmann, Barcarolle
Schubert--Ave Maria
Sibelius--Valse Triste
Sibelius--Finlandia, Theme 1
Sibelius--Finlandia, Theme 2
Stravinsky--The Firebird
Stravinsky--The Firebird, Infernal Dance
Suppé--Light Cavalry Overture
Tchaikovsky--The Nutcracker, Overture
Click to Hear Sample
Here comes the great Nutcracker
Marching into Toyland.
He killed the wicked Mouse King;
Come with us to celebrate.

Tchaikovsky--Toy Soldiers
Tchaikovsky--Sugar Plum Fairy
Click to Hear Sample
Candy Fairy dancing,
Delicate, dainty one,
Sugar Plum
On your tiptoes dance.
Candy Fairy dancing
Dance ballet, dance plie,
Light as air,
On your tiptoes dance.

Tchaikovsky--Russian Dance
Tchaikovsky--Arabian Dance
Tchaikovsky--Chinese Dance
Tchaikovsky--Reed Pipe Dance
Tchaikovsky--Waltz of Flowers
Verdi--Rigoletto, La Donna é Mobile
Vivaldi--The Four Seasons, Spring
Vivaldi--The Four Seasons, Summer
Vivaldi--The Four Seasons, Autumn
Vivaldi--The Four Seasons, Winter
Click to Hear Sample
Snow faling softly, it’s winter time
See horses pulling sleighs
While church bells chime
Come join Vivaldi,
Sing a song merrily,
Vivaldi, merrily,
Vivaldi, merrily
Vivaldi, wait for me,
I’ll come too!

Teacher’s Guides are available. These guides emphasize the importance of introducing children to, and generating enthusiasm for, classical music by first building a theme recognition foundation. The guides then give proposals for using each of the 40 classical music themes in each volume to introduce the relevant music concepts and the appropriate National Music Teaching Standards. This curriculum material is adaptable to any age group.

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