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With Wolfe In Canada A Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges

With Wolfe In Canada A Henty Audio Book--Jim Hodges


This is a great story...and it will add much to your knowledge of American History!

Listeners will witness many battles in this conflict: at Forts Duquesne and Necessity in Pennsylvania, Forts Oswego, Ticonderoga, and William Henry in New York, and, finally, in Quebec, where the English ultimately triumphed.

11 hours and 23 minutes listening time

Available in MP3 CDs only.

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The Henty audio books recorded by Jim Hodges are now available in MP3 CDs. These are NOT regular CDs that can be played on any CD player. They can be played on a DVD player, a computer CD-ROM or a boom box that has a CD player that is compatible with MP3 CDs. Mr. Hodges made them in this format instead of regular CDs because the entire book can be recorded onto ONE MP3 CD, thus keeping the cost down from the many regular CDs it would take for one book. Just be aware when you order the MP3 CDs that they won’t play on a regular CD player without MP3 capability.

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