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Worship Guitar 4 Instructional DVDs

Worship Guitar  4 Instructional DVDs

Learn how to play the guitar effortlessly in your own living room
by Jean Welles

* Learn to play your first praise and worship song in just minutes.
* Learn in the comfort of your own home.
* Learn excellent guitar technique.
* Learn dozens of chords.
* Learn many new strumming and picking patterns.
* Learn about music theory.
* Learn how to transpose songs into different keys.
* Be encouraged in your worship and praise time.
* Develop a special worship time with your Creator!

The DVD has seven lessons. In the comfort of your own home, you can learn seven songs, a dozen chords, and several strumming and picking patterns. The DVD is for the 1st day beginner to the beginner/intermediate guitar player.

Vol. 1 Video

Worship Guitar Class
Volume 1 DVD
Lesson 1. He’s Got The Whole World In His Hands.
Lesson 2. My All And All
Lesson 3. More Precious Than Silver
Lesson 4. Take My Life
Lesson 5. Lord, I lift Your Name On High
Lesson 6. This Is The Day
Lesson 7. I Love You Lord
A Booklet with all the music is inside the DVD sleeve.
Vol. 1 (7 Lessons), $24.95 DVD format
contains both Spanish and English instruction

Vol. 2 Video

Worship Guitar Class
Volume 2 DVD sets

In the comfort of your own home, you can learn seven more songs, a eleven more chords, five strumming and picking patterns, and how to transpose songs into different keys using the I, IV, & V. The video is for the beginner/intermediate guitar player.

Lesson 8. Joshua Fought The Battle Of Jericho
Lesson 9. King Of Kings
Lesson 10. Ive Got A River Of Life
Lesson 11. This Little Light Of Mine
Lesson 12. Behold, Bless Ye The Lord
Lesson 13. I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever
Lesson 14. The Heart Of Worship

A Booklet with all the music is included inside the video sleeve.
Vol. 2 (7 Lessons), $24.95 DVD format

Vol. 3 Video

Worship Guitar Class
Volume 3 DVD format

What will I learn?
* A couple great left-hand exercises, one specifically taught to help to strengthen your hand for bar chords.
* How to read guitar tablature & a song in tab.
* Bar chord tips and songs using bar chords
* Learn 8 Bar chords!
* 10 new chords, in addition to the 8 bar chords = 18 new chords.
* 3 new strumming patterns.
* At least 5 new picking patterns.
* A range of strumming& picking styles, including pop, classical, calypso, & blues.

Come Let Us Worship
I Waited
You Are My Hiding Place
God Of Wonders
As A Deer
Gentle Rain
Amazing Grace
Like the previous videos, there are lots of close-up shots of both hands, with step-by step instruction.
Vol. 3 (7 lessons), $24.95 DVD

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Worship Guitar Class, Vol. 4
by Jean Welles

In DVD 4 you’ll learn bar chord families and how to find chords anywhere on the fretboard.

Learn how to make instrumental arrangements.

In DVD 4 there are several new strumming and finger-picking patterns.

    Songs in the DVD include:
  • Open The Eyes Of My Heart,
  • At The Cross,
  • Holy Lord,
  • Shout To The Lord,
  • plus three more.

    Here is a 5-minute introduction to our flagship course:
    Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class:

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