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1001 Writing Projects For Students by Fred Cooper

1001 Writing Projects For Students by Fred Cooper

1001 Writing Projects for Kids
A Paragraph-a-day
for Writing Success
by Fred Cooper


  • Q. Why are kids today so lacking in writing skills?
  • A. Because they don’t write enough.
  • Q. Why don’t they write enough?
  • A. Because they can’t think of anything to write about!
Well Now They Can!

The Problem:

In this computer age, students have traded the pen for the mouse! Teachers often ask their students to answer multiple-choice questions on the computer screen rather than having them compose their thoughts and write answers in sentences and paragraphs.

The Solution:

Students need to practice writing every day. They should spend at least 15 minutes a day in creative writing. Yet, how often have you heard them say, “What can I write about?” This book makes that problem evaporate! It provides a complete variety of writing projects that challenges them to excel as they practice writing every day!

  • Only 15 minutes a day

  • Covers the 4 basic writing types: Narrative, Expository, Descriptive and Persuasive
  • Projects include descriptions, opinions, letters, dialogues, explanations, instructions, definitions, differentiations, poems, monologues, questions, announcements, etc . . .
  • Common knowledge topics that require no research
  • Develops vocabulary, critical thinking and oral reading skills
  • Stimulates discussion between adults and students
  • Appropriate for students third grade through high school
These writing topics will challenge thinking and will stimulate creativity. Combined with practice, practice, practice students will become excellent writers.

346 pages


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